Tuesday, January 18, 2011

india is delhi-cious.

I'm happy to report that their dal ain't dull, and the land of lentils puts anything ever posted on picnics and pantries to shame.   with a newly acquired indian cookbook (self proclaimed as 'the only indian cookbook you'll ever need'), now that I'm home I aspire to recreate a meal half as delicious as the ones I was served in india.  don't worry, regardless of the outcome I'll keep you posted with any attempts.  yippeee!

in the meantime, enjoy the food related memories I made, and small selection of foodie-photos I took while I was away.

everyday our team would go over our dt (don taylor) highlights of the day. example: having a small child burst in on you using a squatter and then drawing a portrait of it later (documented here).  in honor of the tradition, I thought I would outline my top 3 dt blog-related highlights of the trip:

#1.) christmas dinner = vegetarian feast devoured sans cutlery in the market square.
#2.) masala chai tea, masala chips AND masala omelets.
#3.) shamelessly promoting picnicsandpantries.blogspot.com at the top of my lungs while marching through the manali market.  (ooops!)

stove + chapatis.  

walls of produce + burlap sacks of veggies + pots of cabbage = mmmmmm.

if rice and lentils aren't up your alley, how else can you nourish yourself for two weeks?
#1.) snickers bar (in this case, divided 11 ways - sharing is caring).
#2.) tom-tom's raghu (sound it out... applicable for those with english AND french as a second language).

* a special thanks to my ever so supportive team members sir brook jones and sir jesse st. mars for accessing my blog from delhi and paris respectively so that I could claim full international blogging status!


  1. You can also add St. John's, NFLD as well. In the case, that you didn't have any east coast showmanship. J

  2. I notice the scenes from outside of the muslim temple are mysteriously missing. HHHHMMMMM.