Sunday, February 13, 2011

birthday bake-off.

february is birthday month.
friends, sisters, roommates, grandmothers... oh my!

back-to-back birthdays = back-to-back baking.  

week 1 = 2 birthdays + 1 cake recipe + 2 separate frostings.

birthday #1: how do you make a birthday cake for a surprise birthday party with the birthday girl/sister/roommate is at home? 

{baking outside of the box}
my mix master went on a field trip all the way from my kitchen to my bedroom! 
while the birthday girl enjoyed a glass of wine in the living room, ingredients and utensils stealthily made their way into my bedroom one by one.  the result... a hodge-podge cake ready for a surprise party!

-  cream cheese icing
- nutty chocolatey toppings (aka: pantry raid)

birthday #2: pretty cupcakes for a pretty girl: peanut butter frosting and reeses peanut butter cups.  

- quartered peanut butter cups

secret ingredient: two diligent delivery girls who will tote platters of cupcakes around vancouver by foot. thank you, sweet friends!


  1. nice hans! the cake looks DELICIOUS!!!

  2. I would do much more for your cupcakes than just tote them around town!