Friday, June 24, 2011

give me a... K!

{home sweet home.}

as my infrequent blogging, email responses and facebook postings may indicate, my access to internet has been far more limited than anticipated.  with this being said, it has come to my attention that for those of you following my blog, my updates might suggest that my time spent in kenya so far has been, ahem… trivial.

as fun as bowling nights, bake sales, james bond themed parties and amazing race scavenger hunts were, I promise I didn’t pester all of you for money for the last six months so that I could come to africa to fly planes, ride bikes, and come home at the end with a few candid shots of me hugging adorable african children.

let me start by introducing you to where I live.  
I will make it easy for you to remember.   
just remember the letter K.

kenya: the country I am in.

kisumu: the 3rd largest city in kenya. a 30 minute matatu [bus] ride away from our home. the epicenter of all things luxurious: internet cafes and grocery stores.

kanyawegi: the community of villages outside of kisumu that I am living and working in. the home of the ojola school district. situated on the shores of lake victoria [which any local will proudly declare as the 'SECOND LARGEST fresh water lake in the WORLD.']

kaguya: the name of the compound our house [palace] is in.  also home to: several dozen cows, one rooster with a 7 am wake up call, two gobbling turkeys, some crazy goats and a pack of howling dogs.  also found here: houses much more modest than our own, yet are home to lovely locals who will proudly explain the biblical history of their names with any introduction.  

{tl: neighbor's pets. tr: maize + neighbor's home. bl: kaguya's gates. br: morning carpool.}

oh, and introducing you to my new home wouldn't be complete without introducing you to bridget.  bridget also lives at kaguya and likes to: patiently wait behind rock walls so she can jump out and scare mzungus, sing songs with actions, read books by saying each individual letter of each word and posing for photographs.

 {say cheese!}


  1. love this. love you. glad to hear you're enjoying your time there, it looks absolutely amazing!


  2. Your home is ADORABLE Hannie!!! Sp great to get a taste of where you are :)