Saturday, July 23, 2011


first there was the jersey shore.  
then there was the geordie shore
now you can follow 5 housemates in their summer share in rural kenya.

we may be on a different continent and mtv may not have been documenting, but the same basic principles held true: GTL.


kick ass kenyan kardio anyone?
it was as if they knew I was coming when they built the house... the septic tank in the front yard doubled perfectly as a platform for yours truly to lead early morning aerobics classes!  the perfect pump-up playlist? the lion king soundtrack coupled with "it's raining men", of course!


trying to catch some rays on the coast to even things out? fail.


ruth anne assumes the perfect power stance for scrubbing socks in the bathroom sink. 
the cow assumes perfect power stance for protecting our drying laundry from african critters in the front yard.

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