Thursday, March 24, 2011

overnight oats.

I know kefir can be a bit daunting, so what better way to entice you to try something new than:
a.) add chocolate
b.) give you the opportunity to catch some more shut eye

some mornings you have time to sauté veggies and make an omelete, or ferociously whisk up a bowl of fluffy banana oats. and sometimes [most of the time], you don't.

so why not let the overnight oat fairies do the work?  
no cooking.  no stirring.  no waiting on an empty stomach.  

just delicious oats, soaking up all the goodness you've added to them.  this time, it's [chocolate-y] kefir.

{kefir + chia seeds + cocoa = fluffy mousse.}  
it's science.

try it.  I double dog dare you.

overnight chocolate banana oats.

serves: 1
the goodies:
- 1/3 c. old fashioned oats
- 1/3 c. kefir
- 1/4 c. water
- 1 tbsp. chia seeds
- 1 tsp. cocoa powder
- 1/2 banana, sliced
- 1 tsp. sugar or sweetener (optional*)
*cocoa powder has a bit of an astringent, bitter taste, so more doesn't always mean better.  the banana does a good job at adding some sweetness, but if you'd like a little more, sprinkle on some sugar.

the fun part:
#1.) mix all your ingredients together in a pretty bowl, cover and put in the fridge over night.
#2.) set your alarm clock for 10 minutes later than usual, go to sleep and wake up to a stress free, delicious morning.
#3.) enjoy your oats cold, or put them in the microwave for 30 seconds to take the edge off.

what your body will like:
cocoa: chocolate in the morning?  I know, right?!  perhaps a little too rich to enjoy every day, but this might be a good incentive to get some of you to start eating the most important meal of the day... breakfast!  now, lets do some distinguishing: cocoa is the result of drying, fermented and grinding cocao beans which grow on cacao trees.  chocolate is what's made from cocoa when sugar, and cocoa butter are added.
cocao contains: magnesium, iron and chromium.  these impressive minerals have been shown to shut off your appetite.
on the contrary
chocolate contains: added sugar and fat.  these additives are the addictive properties in manufactured chocolate that make us crave more once we take our first bite.
see the difference?

curious about kefir? let me remind you!


  1. Pastries are also good for breakfast....

  2. Mmm, I'm eating oats right now BUT they are missing the chocolate and banana! This sounds wonderful! xo

  3. thought you might like this one. :)